Welcome to the Introduction to
Health Coaching and Personalisation

Your participation in this programme will involve:

  • Face-to-face Training Sessions

  • eLearning Modules

  • Scheduled Webinars

  • Online Forum Discussions

In your first face-to-face training sesson you will be provided with a code to set up your online account in order to access the eLearning, Scheduled Webinars and Online Forum Discussions.  Please go to Create an account. 

If you don't recieve an access code please contact support@kyoh.org 

Prior to your first Face-to-Face Training Session please watch this short video Introduction to Health Coaching:

What is the programme about?

The programme will introduce Health Coaching and the concepts of Personalisation and Patient Activation, provide some background theory and introduce skills and techniques for embedding health coaching into practice.

Who is delivering the programme?

Programme Leader: Jim Phillips from the Personalised Care Group, Strategy & Innovation Directorate at NHS England.

Medical and Health Coaching Academy (MHCA): All the training materials form part of MHCA's accredited health coaching programme. MHCA will be co-facilitating live training days. 

Know Your Own Health (KYOH):  The online materials (website, platform and eLearning) are created and provided by KYOH. KYOH trainers will be co-facilitating live training days.